Friday, February 15, 2008

Gooey Gunk

With our internet on the fritz we've been very creative. This week we watched a DVD from the concoctions people had some pretty fun stuff in there. Hannah decided to make Gooey Gunk!! She mixed up a solution of glue and water, then dumped it into a solution of Borax and water. The experiment was pretty cool!! The kids have been playing with their Gooey Gunk all week!! We'll definitely do that's amazing stuff...and it doesn't stick to the carpet or anything.

Gooey Gunk 1

Here Hannah is blowing up her Gooey Gunk!!

Gooey Gunk2

This is what Gooey Gunk looks like after it sits for a while!!!

1 comment:

jul said...

Hi again, just letting you know I finally got around to answering your comment on my blog! (on the post "where's the grace") Sorry I'm so slow...hope you're all doing well, the gooey gunk looks like a lot of fun, I sometimes do a similar thing with bubble solution, pouring it onto a tray and letting the kids blow bubbles into it with a straw.

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