Friday, March 7, 2008

Grass Head Family

Today we did another craft from the concoction people. This one we saw in the Feb. 2008 Issue of Family Fun magazine.

This time of year in Minnesota makes us long for warm days, green grass, colorful flowers----everything Spring. So I thought the Grass Head Guys (you can see a finished grass head if you follow that link) would be a fun project to help us gear-up for Spring!!

Grasshead Family

We followed the directions for the most part, but we found that one cup of soil was not nearly enough because our yogurt containers are wider at the top than the bottom. So we ended up with 3 cups of soil per grass head. Also, it's very difficult to get paper to wrap around the container. So we only decorated the front side.

J.J. w/ his Grasshead Dad

Overall the kids had a fun time. It was slow at first because of the paper issue, but as we went along they really enjoyed decorating their grass head. Hopefully the Grass Head Family will grow a fine head of!!

The Grasshead Family

****March 8th EDIT*****
Last night Hannah, my twelve year old, walked up to the window and said "Hey, how's it growin' up there?" I just thought that was funny!!!

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