Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Can't Believe.....


What crazy weather..... a few days ago it was beautiful, sunny, 70 it's blizzard-like again!! What shall we do!?? Here are pictures from where I'm our area library!! IT'S APRIL 26th!!!

Nasty APRIL Weather!!

Black Capped Chickadee


This week Jessica started her new job!!! Yeah!! We are so excited for her. The previous week she started making samples for the quilt shop from home. She gets to keep the samples she makes. The first sample was this apron....

Awesome Apron
NOW TAKING ORDERS....Patterns or Kits!!!

This past week she had her first day of working all day at the shop. She worked hard!! Her feet were sore from standing......not used to that. She had fun working and can't wait to go fact she's there now.....her second day on the job!!:-) This has been her dream job (and mine too!!) for many years. You can read her take on the day here!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Name Change...again....

I have changed the name to this blog three times now!! I think I like this one.

I was reviewing my stat counter for my other blog, and noticed someone had found that blog by searching "one mom five kids". I really like the sound of it. Catchy!! So here is the official introduction to:


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chicken Killer.....

I know the title is blog bait....I just have a little venting to do.

My neighbor just came to the door and told me that their dog is killing our chickens!!:-( She thought the dog killed just one.... but she knows that once they start they don't stop. I thanked her for the warning, and decided to take an inventory once dusk hit since I knew they would all be in the coop then.

I thought to myself...."Which chickens would I just hate to see killed?" There were just three....the two we've named and the rooster. I figured the rooster would be fine as he'd fight back. I was sooooo hoping the two we have come to have a fondness for were still alive. is gone!!:-( She was last year's show chicken...very pretty.....had the feathers down the legs. The kids also figured another one is that is a total of THREE chickens!! THREE in the past day!!

What I don't get is that we didn't know about it. You would think we would hear the carnage!!! Needless to say I have them locked up. I hate to do it, but we will be gone tomorrow afternoon.

My heart is just sick about it. I want my girls to free-range in peace.

O.K....done with the vent......just bummed!!
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