Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chicken Killer.....

I know the title is blog bait....I just have a little venting to do.

My neighbor just came to the door and told me that their dog is killing our chickens!!:-( She thought the dog killed just one.... but she knows that once they start they don't stop. I thanked her for the warning, and decided to take an inventory once dusk hit since I knew they would all be in the coop then.

I thought to myself...."Which chickens would I just hate to see killed?" There were just three....the two we've named and the rooster. I figured the rooster would be fine as he'd fight back. I was sooooo hoping the two we have come to have a fondness for were still alive. is gone!!:-( She was last year's show chicken...very pretty.....had the feathers down the legs. The kids also figured another one is that is a total of THREE chickens!! THREE in the past day!!

What I don't get is that we didn't know about it. You would think we would hear the carnage!!! Needless to say I have them locked up. I hate to do it, but we will be gone tomorrow afternoon.

My heart is just sick about it. I want my girls to free-range in peace.

O.K....done with the vent......just bummed!!

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