Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chickies are here......

Our chickies arrived this week!!

I've already forgotten what kind these are!! We ordered 10 different varieties!!!

How the chickies arrive
Here they are in their shipping box.....

Brooder set up
Here they are in their brooder. This will suffice for a few days. We ordered 5 meat birds this time. I mainly order layers, but wanted to try a few for meat. The meat birds will stay in the smaller brooder for a while, while the rest are put in the larger one.

Here is the full set up. Once I move the chicks to the pack-n-play, I'll take off the top brooder and add a lamp for the second brooder. I have a battery powered digital thermometer that gives me an idea of the temp. in the brooder. Chickies like it warm...95 degrees the first week!!

Holding Chickies
The first few days I clean the coop 2 times a day. The kids take the opportunity to hold the chickies!!:-)

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