Thursday, June 5, 2008

Home is for free expression.........


I just love that quote from the movie "Your's Mine and Ours".(the newer one!!) Although I'm not totally like the main Mom character in the movie, I am very much like her when it comes to creating things.

In the movie she designs purses and her "studio" is......a mess!!! But she loves it that way. Even though it is a mess she can find what she needs and creates much better in that atmosphere.
That is sooooo me!!! When it comes to my creative endeavors I absolutely thrive in the mess.

It seems my kids are picking up the habit. A few days ago they decided they wanted to use the sewing machines. I allowed them to get out boxes of scrap fabric and create!! Both Allison and J.J. were learning how to use the sewing machine for the first time!! Jess was off at work, but the rest of the children created all afternoon. Allison designed clothes for her doll, J.J. made "pockets" and pillows, Sarah and Hannah worked on pillows and quilting 9 patches.

The B's Sweat Shop
Hannah at the Machine...J.J. Learning 2 Use a Sewing Machine
Home is 4 Free Expression.....

It was a total disaster in the basement. BUT I LOVED IT!!! FREE EXPRESSION!!!!

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PlainJane said...

Hi There,
So nice to meet a fellow Minnesotan! Thanks for visiting me today!

I love your creative mess. That happens here too sometimes. What cute chickies too!!! I love the black ones - maybe because we have never had any all black chicks. In answer to your question. Yes, we currently do have 2 roosters, but only by default. Actually, we had 3, but I gave one away to a friend and would love to give another one away, but NO ONE "NEEDS" another rooster. One rooster per 25 hens is plenty, and we currently have only 3 hens thanks to the neighborhood fox. Yes, you heard that right, 3 hens & 2 roosters - and really, 2 of the hens are setting, so that leaves 2 roosters on 1 hen. Poor dear. But yes, for the most part, having more than 1 rooster can lead to a sad outcome. We have had up to 4 roosters at one time, in which 1 rooster killed our 2 favorite roosters - so we banished the murderer from our farm at a garage sale - no doubt for that night's supper. Occassionally, you will have some really nice roosters that get along and each will watch over their own determined clutch. Our current 2 get along okay, but only after a 15 minute shootout at the OK Coral. They duked it out and fortunately they both lived to tell about it (I saw the whole thing - running all over the yard). So one is the very dominate lead rooster and the other one has to be very submissive to survive. Of course you won't be adding your chicks to the group for many weeks yet, and then only gradually, but you may still not be able to tell which ones are roosters until fall. Just watch them very closely, keep the really nice ones - nice to you & the children esp. and sweet to the hens. The rest of the roosters should be considered stir-fry. I have gotten to the point when buying chicks, to order just what I need, mostly all pullets. That way I know what I am getting - at our co-op it doesn't cost any more to get just hens vs. straight run. Now that we are hatching our first chicks, it will just have to be a surprise. I hope they aren't all roosters. lol

Sorry to ramble. I will have to get caught up on your blog! I wonder if we live anywhere near each other?

Have a Blessed evening.


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