Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby Signs????

While I was at the library yesterday I began looking for American Sign Language books/videos.  Mainly for my sophomore who needs a language requirement, but doesn't really like "languages" per se.  BUT....I also thought if she began learning sign language we could use it with Baby C.  We've used it with the past 2-3 children and love it.  Wished I'd done it with my second.  Anywhooo....

I was reading the book Sign With Your Baby: How to Communicate With Infants Before They Can Speak last night and I read that when you nurse you should show the sign for "milk".  Since I didn't nurse J.J. I hadn't thought to use it for nursing.  I was telling Jason this when Baby C was getting really sleepy and Jason was bringing him to me to put to bed.

But you know what Baby C did????   He picks up my Kindle on the bed and hands it to me!!!  That was his signal that he was ready for bed.   We have this routine where I find my kindle, and nursing pillow, and turn on his sleep machine and close his shade and, get the picture.  I do the same routine every time I want to put him down for a nap or to bed.  My kindle has a lighted cover so it works perfect at night for nursing.  He watches me turn it on and open it up then he leans in to nurse.

So much for BABY SIGNS!!!!  I wonder if they should add "hand mom her kindle" to their signs book!??!:) I was editing this post....I realize that signing "milk" for nursing is really unnecessary.  Baby C make's it pretty clear he wants to nurse.;)  I do see it being helpful in other areas though....he really likes to scream to get my attention.  I can at least try to teach him a better way to communicate with me!:)

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theteenagequilter said...

lol!!! so funny :) He is getting way to big!!

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