Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Official.....I am CRAZY!!!

A few weeks back I told the people in my Weight Watchers meeting that I was thinking of putting my membership on hold because we had taken on another Safe Families girl. I know that these placements can be extremely stressful for me....and with stress comes unwanted added poundage.

As I was walking out a woman came up to me and inquired about my kids. Mainly the Safe Families kids. I told her we have 6 children and now we have N. as well. I will always remember the look on her face and the words she said. The look was like "YOU ARE CRAZY"....and the words were...."You have SIX KIDS, and you take on MORE?" How I wish I could convey tone of voice...but it was an incredulous tone.

I walked back to my car and put my head down and started laughing and said outloud to myself.... "LORD...I'm CRAZY! I am truly CRAZY" It was the first time I ever thought I was crazy. Who in their right mind has six kids for one....but then volunteers to care for other peoples kids as well?

With the newfound revelation about myself came much introspection. I've always known I was weird, not normal, off the wall, different....all terms I've heard throughout my life to describe me. But crazy?

I had to ask myself....why do I have six kids? The simple answer is...obedience. I answered the call of God on my life. Before God drew me to Him I didn't want one child. NOT A ONE!! They were too bothersome....I couldn't relate to them...they would get in the way of MY dreams and MY goals.

I still remember the first time I encountered the idea of loving children....of wanting children. The preacher at this little country church I attended was speaking on Mother's Day and I remember him going through various scriptures and talking about his Mom and the role she had in his life...yada, yada, yada. I remember walking away extremely ANGRY. I HATE KIDS....there is no way. Is this guy serious? Me.....husband???(yup, even a husband was not on my agenda!!)....homemaker???

Here I am 20 plus years later. Married...homemaker... 6 kids!!(10 if you include the babies I lost....or 12 if you also include the Safe Families kids!:) And I'm loving my life. OH, it's busy...and definitely CRAZY. But for me it is where God is at. Jesus is in the HARD. He relates well to CRAZY!! I mean who leaves a perfectly comfortable spot in come down to this earth to die for mankind even though sinless? That's crazy isn't it? But that is the definition of love!! Laying down your life for someone...LOVE!!

So if the definition of crazy means following Jesus. Then YUP...I AM CRAZY!!! And I'll joyfully proclaim it!! To His glory and praise and honor!!! CRAZY!! AMEN!!!

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